A simple platformer game where every thing is 2d but the world is 2d . Can you reach your goal ? OR YOU CAN'T !!

Control : 

W - Forward

Z - Backward

A - Left

D - Right

E - Normal Sword Attack

Q - Sword Slash [Speeds up players movement for a while]

ESC - Exit

. - Free the cursor

Artwork : Kenny's 1-BIT Art pack [https://kenney.nl/assets/bit-pack]

This game is submitted to Miz Jam 1


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2 and 3 [WIN].zip 17 MB
2 and 3 [MAC].zip 18 MB
2and3 [Project].zip 8 MB


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i cant pass level 1 because it just throws me off the map

did you tried the browser ne? [the browser version might cause performance issue]

try downloading the game...it should work :)

your a dani and miziziz fan lol

Truth ... They are my inspiarations :)

My only comment on the game itself is that I think that the mouse should be bound to the game. I am playing in browser.


It's really good but you have to make the left mouse click to attack and the right one to defend. It's just a tip I would make

Thanks for the advice , well , i already planned that but there is a problem . Some laptops [Like mine] doesn't have any right or left button . It is controlled by touch gesture . So i changed the player's control . :)


I don't know what type of laptops are those that don't have left and right click but I completely understand your situation. If you can see how to make the camera and controls more dynamic, the game will be better :)

Thanks and yeah my laptop have right and left click but it will make the thing more complex . And i will try to make things more dynamic .